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The Sojourn vol. 3

Spring Report & Appeal to Our Supporting Churches and Stakeholders

2022 brings many changes and exciting opportunities to Mahoning Valley. Through the support of churches from over a dozen Indiana counties, the camp has continued to provide an environment that fosters the faith and service of today’s youth and generations yet to come. The mission of MVCSC always has been and remains, “To maintain and carry on the function of a

Christian service camp, in which people shall be introduced to a lifestyle and lifework for the Master.”

No summer camps or retreats were held in 2020 due to Covid (the first missed summer since the camp began in 1943), but 2021 saw a strong return to camping at Mahoning Valley. While we did operate with some restrictions in place due to public health issues, it was a welcome return to near normalcy. During the eight weeks of summer, we hosted 567 campers and 179 faculty volunteers (over 12,500 volunteer hours just in summer camp faculty). Those students gave over $5,000 to support our missions partner for the year, MMS Aviation, and twenty-two of the campers accepted Jesus and were baptized into the Kingdom. The true success however, is not in numbers, but in the countless individual lives that have been changed by their camp experience.

Who will lead?

Josh Miller has faithfully served as our Executive Director for the past dozen years but has moved to Pennsylvania with his wife, Christina as she begins a new career. This is a change we have known could happen for well over a year.

A search committee was formed last fall and after reviewing several candidates the board chose to hire Tony Augsburger as the Executive Director. Tony has been a friend to the camp for many years and most recently served as the Food Services Director. He has served for 31 years as the minister at Raleigh Christian Church near the camp. His daughter, Hannah Augsburger, will assume the duties of Food Services Director after working with her father at the camp for the past several years. Jeremy Souders continues as the Volunteer Coordinator overseeing maintenance and volunteer work details. We ask for your patience as your new staff and the Board of Directors make as many visits as possible to supporting churches in the coming months. We are happy to schedule a visit at your request to meet with your mission team and/or leadership.

Are we ready for camping in 2022?

Summer camp weeks are already scheduled with every dean and team in place for the coming year. The continued service of many veteran leaders shows the level of commitment and dedication required to build God’s kingdom through camping. A camp representatives meeting is being planned for fall that will include training for the people who promote camp in each church, giving them educational tools and information to excite families to be a part of the camp experience.

The financial condition of Mahoning Valley is the best it has been in many years, a testament to the support of many churches and individuals who continue to share their resources year after year. Our 2022 operating budget is $355,500 and while the camp remains debt-free, several major projects are needed in coming months.

January 1 – November 30, 2021 Income from all sources $347,583

January 1 – November 30, 2021 Expenses $345,399

What is the physical condition of the camp?

Through the generosity of many churches and individuals, both in monetary support and volunteer labor, several areas of the camp have been greatly improved. Our Building The Legacy Campaign was successful over the past several years in rebuilding the old girl’s dorm into Legacy Lodge with five separate units, each with handicapped accessible restrooms/baths and considerable storage facilities. As the camp was operating at capacity for waste disposal, a new sewer field was installed during the summer of 2020, which will also service a new shower house when the new pool is constructed.

New pool?

The third phase of Building The Legacy Capital Campaign is underway, with planning and contractor quoting underway. Our current pool was constructed in the 1950s and has leaked for several years, requiring cold spring water flowing in constantly to keep it full. We’re told it’s one of the oldest operating pools in the state. The new pool site is the field south of the barn and camp residence. You’ll be hearing more about it soon as we distribute materials and begin our fund-raising.

How can our church help?

First, please pray for Mahoning Valley, the staff and the board of directors. With God’s help, His vision for the camp will be fulfilled and people will continue to be blessed by the work done at Mahoning Valley for many more generations.

Second, consider that Mahoning Valley is one of the most effective ministries in which your church may be associated. This is your camp and requires your participation through promotion in your congregation, your financial support and the sharing of time and talents. The camp has largely been built over past decades by volunteers with a desire to serve. There are opportunities for all sizes of congregations and individuals.

Last, consider Mahoning Valley for your next church function. It may be an all-church picnic, a leadership retreat or a work day designed to bond your membership. God has created a beautiful landscape and facility intended to be used by His people.

3823 East 225 North, Rushville, IN 46173 Phone (765) 932-5125

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